Kaisen Sushi is an Izakaya style restaurant. An izakaya (居酒屋) is a common kind of Japanese bar or restaurant, popular in Japan for after-work drinking. When you first sit down, you will be given an oshibori (wet towel) to clean your hands with, next an appetizer will be served. The portions are generally more substantial than small appetizers, but are less than a full meal. You are encouraged to pick and choose our various appetizers, sushi, sashimi, and rolls to create your own meal, or you can simply try our Dinner.



   F r o m   S u s h i    B a r  

No Name $6.50

 Fried Kani-Kama, and Cream Cheese with Spicy Sauce


Baked Green Mussel $6.95

 Chopped Green Mussel in Half Shell , Choice of Plain, Wasabi, Chili Spicy Sauce


Chop-Chop $7.95

Choice of Tuna-Tataki or Mix of White Fish, Clam, & Octopus, with Cucumber in Sesame Ponzu Sauce


Seafood Sunomono $9.95

Assorted Seafood Mixed with Cucumber & Wakame, Choice of Sweet Vinegar or Sweet Miso Dressing



Tuna Tataki $11.95

Sliced Seared Tuna with Ponzu Sauce


Sashimi Mori-Awase $6.95, $12.95, $17.50, and up

   Special Sashimi Dish that is Just for You




   S O U P  

Miso Soup $2.50

Organic Red Soy Bean Paste Soup (Aka-Miso)





   S A L A D  



Seaweed Salad $5.50

Fine Cut Mixed Seaweed, Sweet & Sesame Flavor


Tofu Salad $7.50

Diced Tofu with Spicy Ginger Dressing


Ika Salad $7.95

Calamari, Shrimp, Kani-Kama with Wasabi-Mayo Dressing


House Salad $3.75

Choice of House Dressings: Ginger, Sweet Miso, Garlic-Mayo, Sesame-Seed, or Wasabi-Mayo





  T E M P U R A   

   (Japanese Batter Fry Served with Dipping Broth)  


Vegetable $6.25


Shrimp and Vegetable $8.75





      T O F U    

  (Soy Bean Curd)


Age-Dashi Tofu $6.50

Fried Tofu Served with Light Soy Sauce Broth


Spicy Tofu $6.50

Stir-Fried Tofu with Oyster Sauce or Vegetable Sauce


Teriyaki Tofu $6.50

Pan-Fried Tofu with House Special Teriyaki Sauce




   S Q U I D  


Geso $5.50

Fried Squid Tentacle with Sweet Sour Spicy Sauce



Fried Calamari $7.95

Lightly Starched Big Squid with Soy-Sauce, Smokey


Ika Yaki $8.95

Grilled Squid with Sweet  Soy-Sauce




   E T C .  


Rice $2.50

Special Selected Short Grain Rice


Edamame $4.50

Boiled Soy Bean


Stuffed Mushroom $5.75

Fried Crab-Stuffed Mushroom with Garlic Sauce


Spicy Sea-Bug $7.95

Head & Legs on Fried Shrimp with Sweet Sour Spicy Sauce


Miso-Saba $8.50

Miso Marinated Grilled Mackerel


Chicken Kara-Age $4.95

Fried Chicken Thigh with Garlic Sauce





Sushi Dinner served with Miso Soup and Salad

( Except… Chef’s Choice )






Nigiri & Cup

...shrimp, kani-kama, smoked salmon, eel, crab salad, blue crab, shrimp mayo...

Tempura Shrimp & CA Roll




CA & Spicy-Tuna Roll

Nigiri...tuna, zuke- tuna, white-fish,salmon, yellowtail, shrimp, eel...




 CA &  Spicy-Tuna Roll,

Nigiri & Cup...zuke-tuna, salmon, yellowtail, shrimp, eel

 salmon & roe, scallop mayo, conch mayo

Sashimi...tuna, salmon, white-fish...




...Tuna, White-Fish, Salmon, Yellowtail, Octopus, Conch, Clams...





Nigiri...tofu, shiitake, avocado, inari...

Vegetable Roll,  Vegetable Tempura





Shrimp-Vegetable Tempura

Ca Roll & Spicy Tuna Roll

Nigiri...zuke-tuna, white-fish, yellowtail...

Sashimi...tuna, salmon...




CA Roll, Salmon & Avo Roll, Bonita Roll

Tempura Shrimp Roll, Spicy Tuna Roll




Nigiri...tuna, white-fish, salmon, yellowtail, shrimp...

CA & Spicy-Tuna Roll

Eel Roll, Pressed Salmon




Assortment of Fish on Sushi Rice






$28.00 and Up

We will create a Special Plate to You


Combination of….

Raw-Fish, Cooked-Fish , Nigiri, Sashimi, Roll,  or  Specials,…

Let us know…

What you like and what you do not like








Juice, Mini Sushi (shrimp, kani-kama)

And Choice of

Shrimp Tempura

Fish Tempura

Chicken Karaage






Shrimp-Vegetable Tempura, Rice








        NIGIRI  &  CUP  1PC        ROLL  6-8PCS 
   TUNA  $ 2.75 TUNA  $ 5.25
  TUNA TATAKI  $ 2.95 CUCUMBER  $ 3.50
  SNAPPER / GROUPER  $ 2.75 OSHINKO  $ 3.50
  YELLOWTAIL  $ 3.25 VEGETABLE  $ 4.50
  SALMON  $ 2.75 CALIFORNIA  ( a  b  )  $ 4.95
  MACKEREL  $ 2,50 Tempura Grouper  $ 5.75
  SCALLOP  $ 3.25 Tempura Shrimp  $ 5.75
  CONCK  $ 2.95 EEL  $ 7.50
  SURF CALM  $ 2.25 Smoke Salmon  $ 7.50
  GREEN MUSSEL   $ 2.25 SPICY   (  t    s  ) #  $ 7.50
  OCTOPUS  $ 2.75 G.O. YELLOWTAIL  $ 7.95
  SQUID  $ 2.50
  KANI-KAMA  $ 1.75
  SHRIMP  $ 2.50
  SWEET SHRIMP  $ 4.95
* EEL  $ 3.25
  AVOCADO  $ 1.25
  SHIITAKE  $ 1.25
  TOFU  $ 1.25
  EGG  $ 1.25
  INARI  $ 1.25
  Crab-Salad  $ 1.75
  SMELT ROE  $ 2.00
  SALMON ROE  $ 2.95
  BABY SCALLOP  $ 2.50
  Mayo Scallop  $ 3.25
  Mayo Shrimp  $ 2.25
  Mayo Nussel  $ 2.25
  Blue Crab     $ 2.50
  SPICY  (  t   yt   s  )  $ 2.50


S p e c i a l   R o l l s

Dog Ate My Homework   $4.75

(Fried Crabstick & Cream Cheese)


Squid Legs Roll   $6.25

(Fried Squid Legs, G.O. Bonito Flake)


Spider Roll   $7.95

(Fried Soft Shell Crab, Cucu., Smelt Roe)


Suzy Q    $6.95

(Crab-Salad, Shrimp, Smelt Roe, G.O., Spice)


Blue Cerb Roll    $7.25

(Blue Crab, Smelt Roe, G.O., Tempura Chip)

Bonita’s Roll…all fried    $10.50

(Shrimp, Crabstick, Avo, Smelt Roe, G.O.)


Sylvia’s Special    $7.50

(Salmon, Avocado, G.O.)

Biscuit Roll…all fried    $7.50

(Salmon & Cream Cheese)

Brother’s Roll    $7.75

( Salmon, Frying Fish Roe, G.O., Avo.)


Salmon Lover’s    $9.50

(Baked Salmon, Smoked Salmon, Cucu. Gobo)


Dena’s Special    $9.95

(Tampa Roll with, Salmon, Smelt & Flying Fish Roe, Avo.)


Leo-Chan’s Special    $4.50

(Avo. Cucu. Cream Cheese)


Cynthia’s Vege.-Temp    $4.50

(Tempura Sweet Potato and Asparagus)



Steve’s Conch    $8.95

(Conch, Avo., Smelt Roe)

Spicy Kickin’ Conch    $8.95

(Conch, Flying Fish Roe, G.O., Bonito Flake)


Wayne’s Spicy Tuna    $8.95

(Tuna, Flying Fish Roe, G.O., Bonito Flake)

Crazy Tuna    $8.95

( Tuna, Smelt Roe, G.O.)

Dragon Roll    $11.95

(Ca. with Eel)


Rainbow Roll    $11.95

( Ca. Roll with Tuna, Yellowtail, White-Fish, Salmon, Shrimp)


Bobbi’s Roll    $12.50

(Ca. Roll with Yellowtail, Smelt & Flying Fish Roe)

Pressed…Oshi-Zushi    $8.95 & Up

(Your choice of fish pressed with rice in box)



Volcano    $9.95

(Ca Roll with Cream Cheese Covered with Spicy Crab Stick)





Menu Items and prices may change
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